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Wrap Up RSNA - The Clinical Value of AI

Our insightful Online Webinar “Wrap Up RSNA - The Clinical Value of AI” is now available on YouTube!

The hot topics from the AI Showcase at the latest Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting as are

  • AI Deployment at Scale
  • Clinical Workflow Integration
  • Validation of AI Performance
  • Clinical Validation of AI
  • Financing of AI
  • Technological Literacy

Demonstrations of concrete AI value from new AI studies.

Thanks so much to our outstanding international speakers:

  • Daniel Chow, Co-Director at UC Irvine Center for Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine: “Stroke Imaging and AI - Is there value?”
  • Tracy Finlayson, Regional Sales Manager for UK & I - Lunit: “Increasing AI quality in CXR and MMG”
  • Dr. Jens R. Opalka , Chief Medical and Marketing Officer -mediaire: “Boosting Neuro-MRI with the AI based toolkit mdbrain”
  • Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Huppertz, CEO / Founder - Neo Q Quality in Imaging GmbH: “RadioReport - deep integration of AI into Guided Reporting”for their participation!

The event was hosted by deepc´s CEO, Dr. Franz MJ Pfister, MD, MBA, and Meetup Health AI Munich/Berlin/Singapur.

We are looking forward to creating a new interactional platform in the medical AI ecosystem with insightful encounters, intense learnings, and vibrant discussions!