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Interview: Dr. Franz Pfister - Artificial Intelligence in Radiology

MedTech Talks is an initiative of Forum MedTech Pharma e.V. and M3i GmbH to enable a closer exchange between medical technology manufacturers and end users, through interesting interviews.
Dr. Franz Pfister talked about founding deepc, AI in medicine, and the opportunities of using AI in radiology.

The highlights of the interview are:

  • What role will AI play in the future of medicine?
  • What problems does deepc solve?
  • What is deepc's success factor?
  • How can AI be developed efficiently?
  • What added value does AI already offer today?
  • Artificial intelligence versus humans?

How does deepc simplify the use of AI in radiology? 

Our novel AI platform, "deepcOS", bundles curated AI applications from globally leading AI partners. We seamlessly integrate into existing and new IT infrastructures with an easy, streamlined, one-time installation. The regulatory-approved AI applications are already available for more than 35 indication fields.