Automating workflows with robust AI orchestration

The deepcOS® orchestration engine ensures that the right imaging studies are automatically sent to the right AI engines every time.

What is Orchestration?

The deepcOS® orchestration engine ensures that patient studies are automatically sent to the appropriate AI solution(s) for processing. Orchestration happens automatically in the background, without requiring manual input from the radiologist.

How does Orchestration work?

DICOM tag-based orchestration
Checks the DICOM tags within the DICOM header to route the study to the appropriate engine. This DICOM tag matching can be customized to account for variations in scanners and scanning protocols.

AI image-based orchestration (beta)
Uses AI to identify the type of imaging study independent of its DICOM tags, and then uses this to send studies to the appropriate AI solution.

The advantages of DICOM-tag and AI image-based orchestration

Inconsistencies in DICOM tag usage between and within institutions mean routing studies purely based on their DICOM tags can be error-prone. Coupling it with AI image-based orchestration has many benefits:

Orchestration can be fully automatic, requiring no additional input to trigger processing and without needing to customize the configuration.


Orchestration is independent of customer specific configurations, and therefore robust to changes or errors in the modality setup.


No need for an in-depth analysis of customer specific scanning configurations for each AI solution, saving time and resources.