deepcOS® for Healthcare IT System Providers

Enhance your medical imaging systems with leading AI

deepcOS® enables fast and streamlined access to leading radiology AI solutions directly within your existing PACS, RIS and / or EMR systems.

Avoid the hassle of multiple custom integrations with different AI vendors, and access over 35 AI solutions via a single integration.

"Our customers appreciate that they only need one supplier for all AI solutions."

Supporting HIT System Providers at every step

deepcOS® helps to reduce the cost and complexity for Healthcare IT System Providers to integrate leading AI into their systems.


Differentiate your business and include leading AI solutions in your existing product offering, without developing all the infrastructure yourselves.


To ensure a seamless workflow integration, the deepcOS® clinical API ensures that AI outputs enrich your systems in a structured way.


The deepcOS® Clinical API provides granular AI related information, that you can display as required for your product and your customers.


After integration, deepcOS® can be easily configured for your other installations, helping to support existing revenue generation and growth.

Connect the tools you use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.

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One integration, multiple AI solutions

Partnering with deepc is the easiest, fastest, safest and most scalable way to incorporate over 35 leading radiology AI algorithms into your systems simultaneously.

Radiologists get all the benefits of your clinical systems, plus the added value of AI.  

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Creating a seamless workflow integration with the deepcOS® Clinical API

HIT System providers can integrate with the deepcOS® Clinical API to consume AI output data from third party vendors at scale. Data is then displayed natively in these systems, creating a seamless, AI-augmented workflow.
Scalable access to Radiology AI solutions
As more AI solutions become available on deepcOS®, these can be quickly switched on in your systems without additional resources.
Seamless workflow integration
AI outputs passed via API can be easily consumed and displayed in your systems, ensuring radiologists need no additional interfaces.
Differentiate within a crowded market
Stand out in a competitive market by enabling easy access to a variety of AI solutions, customizable to specific customer needs.

Benefits of deepcOS® for Healthcare IT System Providers

Enhance your existing systems and interfaces with leading AI

Multiple Radiology AI solutions via one simple integration

Technology that helps to differentiate your business

Outsourcing saves time - no need to integrate with AI solutions individually

Retain existing customers and attract new prospects

No investment cost and minimal resources required after the initial integration

Fast access to new AI solutions available on deepcOS®

Work with a professional, experienced and agile partner

Trusted by our existing partners

Our customers appreciate the added value that the integration with deepc’s AI platform brings them, especially having the AI results directly in their worklist. They love that they needed only one supplier for all AI-solutions, which simplified their interfaces, IT integration and contracts.
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All available for integration via deepcOS®.
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