deepcOS® for Medical Research Groups

Simplifying AI Research and Development

Export, anonymize, pseudonymize data and integrate research AI models quickly into the IT infrastructure. Use the deepcOS® AI Evaluator to track and measure the performance of your research AI models. deepc is a trusted partner for Radiology AI research.

"Integrating our model into the deepc platform enabled us to successfully validate in a multi-center setting"

Supporting AI researchers at every step

With a completely modular product offering, deepcOS® can support AI researchers at every stage of each project.


Export anonymized or pseudonymized data at scale for research, including internal AI development.


Easily and quickly integrate research AI solutions with your department IT infrastructure, without the administrative challenges. Now compatible with MONAI


AI results can be viewed in the deepcOS AI results explorer, allowing for assessment and evaluation.


Compare the performance of your research AI solutions using the deepcOS® AI Evaluator.

Connect the tools you use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.

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Opportunities for all research projects

Secure data export at scale

Research groups requiring large amounts of data can use deepcOS® to anonymize / pseudonymize and then export clinic data in large quantities for training new models or other research purposes.   

Validate models with ease

Utilize a variety of datasets from different institutions via deepcOS® to validate models, without the administrative hassle of separate data transfer agreements and other documentation.

Explore AI in a tailored interface

Use the deepcOS® worklist and AI results explorer to enhance research with features including visualizing AI outputs, monitoring workflow changes, and recording sensitivity and specificity.

Integrating and validating your research algorithms has never been easier

deepcOS® SDK

Integrating your research solutions with the deepcOS® SDK ensures that granular AI outputs from your solutions can be easily connected to any 3rd party clinical application required for your research.

Dockerized AI Models

Containerizing and deploying your model via deepcOS® means it can be validated against data from different institutions without your research group receiving that data, removing the need for separate data transfer agreements.

Cloud deployment  

Deploying research solutions in the deepcOS® cloud ensures that they can be easily accessed in your institution, without the hassle of setting up an installation on-premise or with dedicated cloud servers.

Benefits of deepcOS® for medical researchers

All-in-one operating system to develop, test and deploy AI

Quickly export data from the PACS at scale

Secure data de-identification for all research purposes

Easily integrate your AI solutions into the IT infrastructure

Evaluate the performance of your research AI models

Streamline research of commercial AI performance

Flexible to support different research projects and goals

Enhanced collaboration with other researchers via a shared platform

Streamline AI integration and deployment with MONAI

MONAI (the Medical Open Network for Artificial Intelligence) provides an open source framework for packaging AI models into a structured format, enabling their seamless deployment via deepcOS.

Read about deepc's MONAI compatibility

deepc establishes compatibility with MONAI to help empower medical researchers in their development and production of AI models.

Integrate your MONAI App into deepcOS

Seamless integration and deployment of MONAI Application Packages (MAPs) using the deepc SDK 

deepc establishes strategic alignment, compatibility and commitment towards MONAI

-> Read the press release

Explore deployment of MONAI Application Packages (MAPs) via deepcOS

-> Schedule a call to discuss a MONAI integration

Trusted by our existing partners

"Integrating our AI image synthesis model into the deepc platform enabled us to successfully validate our synthetic DIR sequence for Multiple Sclerosis patients in a multi-center setting."
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