deepcOS® for AI partners

Commercialize and deploy your AI solutions at scale

Through a single integration, your AI solutions can be seamlessly installed in the workflows of countless clinical customers.

Increased market reach and revenue - without the extra administrative work.

"deepc are a trusted partner to bring our AI into everyday radiology operations"

Supporting AI Vendors at every step

deepcOS® works closely together with AI vendors to ensure that radiologists can get the most out of their AI solutions.


deepc partners with leading AI vendors to find solutions that bring value to radiologists. Our sales team learn your product inside out to find interested prospects.


deepc takes care of the administrative process with all customers including contracting, legal, delivery, integration and support, reducing work for AI vendors. 


To ensure a seamless workflow integration for radiologists, we integrate with AI vendors via our SDK to embed your results into existing clinical systems.


After one simple integration with deepcOS®, AI solutions can be quickly added to existing installations, supporting expansion and increased revenue.

Connect the tools you use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.

Our people

We’re an extension of your customer service team, and all of our resources are free. Chat to our friendly team 24/7 when you need help.

Overcoming the barriers to AI adoption, together.

deepc works closely together with leading vendors to deliver cutting edge AI to radiology departments in a way that fits seamlessly with the existing workflow. 

Integrating with the deepcOS® SDK enhances existing clinical systems, and delivers your AI results in the way that radiologists enjoy.


Integration that supports radiologists and AI Vendors  

Urgency flagging

When defined by an institution as urgent, AI findings push studies to the top of the radiology worklist.

Accept / Reject AI

Track engine performance at our customer installations for post-market surveillance.

Integrated clinical findings

Findings visible within the worklist make it easier for customers to use your AI outputs within the existing workflow.

Maximising value with the deepcOS® SDK

Deep workflow integration
Integrating via the deepcOS® SDK ensures that radiologists can experience the full value of your AI solutions within the clinical systems that they already use everyday.
Access to existing customer base
Integrating with deepcOS® enables your AI solutions to be easily deployed across our existing customer base and via our PACS, RIS and EMR partners, facilitating revenue growth and market expansion.
Downstream value creation
An integration via the deepcOS® SDK also means we can pass your AI outputs on to a myriad of 3rd party applications, which can add further value to the radiology workflow.
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Benefits of deepcOS® for AI Vendors

Faster and streamlined access to new installations

Shortened time from development to revenue

Supported expansion into new markets

Assisted post-market surveillance

Legal, contracting, installation and support handled by deepc

Future downstream value creation with deepcOS® SDK

AI results embedded into the existing radiology workflow

Collaborative approach to the vendor-deepc partnership

Streamline AI integration and deployment with MONAI

MONAI (the Medical Open Network for Artificial Intelligence) provides an open source framework for packaging AI models into a structured format, enabling their seamless deployment via deepcOS.

Read about deepc's MONAI compatibility

deepc establishes compatibility with MONAI to help empower medical researchers in their development and production of AI models.

Integrate your MONAI App into deepcOS

Seamless integration and deployment of MONAI Application Packages (MAPs) using the deepc SDK 

deepc establishes strategic alignment, compatibility and commitment towards MONAI

-> Read the press release

Explore deployment of MONAI Application Packages (MAPs) via deepcOS

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Learn about more than 50 certified AI solutions from over 30 globally leading AI vendors, covering a wide variety of medical specialties.

All available for integration via deepcOS®.
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Trusted by our existing customers

“We are excited by the deep integration as it puts our AI findings directly within the existing clinical systems, increasing value for our customers. The SDK documentation from deepc was very clear and easy to follow, and it only took a short amount of time to integrate with the deepc API.”
“deepc’s team consists of experts in the German market - so deepc is a great distribution channel for us. With their deep understanding of AI technologies as well as radiological workflows, they are a trusted partner to bring our AI detection of critical findings into everyday radiology operations.” 
Nicolas Jirikoff
CBO, Gleamer
“Offering one platform to automate and integrate AI solutions is a key benefit to hospital IT, administration, and radiologists. The expert team of deepc has built a fantastic solution to shorten the integration of AI solutions and save resources in the process”
Philip Meier
Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder, Image Biopsy Lab
"We see deepcOS as a groundbreaking platform for AI solutions such as our Neuro MRI quantification. Due to the high security standard, this can be interesting even for those radiological centres that currently still favour on-premise solutions.”
Dr. Andreas Lemke
CEO, Mediaire
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