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Effortless access to AI for Radiology

Robust by nature, flexible by design

Evaluate, deploy, monitor and develop AI solutions with deepcOS - a customizable Radiology AI Operating System to support radiologists with leading AI. 


Easily access the outputs from multiple Radiology AI solutions via a single installation, and embed them within existing HIT systems.


On-premise data de-identification, cloud-hosting, encryption and strict GDPR compliance ensure that sensitive information is protected.


Quickly turn on new AI solutions and automatically scale resources to meet demand with cloud-hosted, deeply integrated AI solutions.

What are the true procurement costs for adopting AI for radiology

Assess the total investment needed to enable your radiology AI strategy 

Tailored to the needs of all radiology departments

deepcOS® brings everything related to Radiology AI into the one interface, customizable to the needs of different institutions. Depending on the intended use case, different components of deepcOS® can be activated.
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Deploy commercial AI solutions in your department

Quickly and easily access Radiology AI solutions from our portfolio of globally leading vendors. The solutions available can be changed easily with the evolving needs of the department. 

Access research AI algorithms in your department easily

Research focused institutions can easily deploy internally developed AI solutions, without needing to go through the complicated process of integrating with their IT department directly. 

Export of pseudonymized data at scale

Institutions developing their own AI solutions can use deepcOS® to pseudonymize and export clinic data in large quantities for training new models or other research purposes.   

Evaluate Radiology AI solutions on the market

As a vendor-neutral company, deepc provides independent information about AI solutions on the market. The deepcOS® AI-evaluator can then be used to evaluate performance via one centralised interface before deciding on a solution to integrate.

AI-based study prioritization and triage for urgent cases

Either with the deepc interface or natively within the existing worklist, deepcOS® enables flagging and AI-based prioritization of urgent cases as determined by each individual institution, aiming to shorten the time to report and delivery of care. 

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Annotate datasets for AI development

deepcOS® can be used to annotate large sets of department data for the training and development of new AI models. Datasets can either be pre-prepared or taken directly from the PACS. 

Trusted by our existing customers and partners

“deepc is a game-changer for the radiology workflow. deepcOS® enables us to effortlessly integrate the world’s leading AI solutions into our hospital IT systems and make AI usage really scalable.” 
"The biggest challenge today is how to best integrate AI into clinical workflows and the healthcare infrastructure to make a sustained impact  - this is exactly what deepc is solving.“
Christoph Haarburger
Co-Founder, Aristra
"The whole setup was super smooth, deepcOS was instantly connected with our central PACS, and it worked from the start. The AI algorithms also detect difficult cases with the highest accuracy.”
Prof. Dr. Lars Grenacher
Chairman of the Board, Conradia Radiology
“deepc’s team consists of experts in the German market - so deepc is a great distribution channel for us. With their deep understanding of AI technologies as well as radiological workflows, they are a trusted partner to bring our AI detection of critical findings into everyday radiology operations.” 
Nicolas Jirikoff
CBO, Gleamer
“Offering one platform to automate and integrate AI solutions is a key benefit to hospital IT, administration, and radiologists. The expert team of deepc has built a fantastic solution to shorten the integration of AI solutions and save resources in the process”
Philip Meier
Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder, Image Biopsy Lab
Our customers appreciate the added value that the integration with deepc’s AI platform brings them, especially having the AI results directly in their worklist. They love that they needed only one supplier for all AI-solutions, which simplified their interfaces, IT integration and contracts.
Dr. Uwe Engelmann
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