Cloud-Native Deployment Platform

Cloud-hosted AI solutions for streamlined and scalable deployment

Access Radiology AI solutions in a flexible, secure and scalable way, without multiple resource-intense integrations or forwarding data to other cloud environments.

Powered by our leading cloud-native infrastructure  

All 3rd party AI solutions are hosted in the deepcOS® cloud to enable maximum scalability and flexibility for clinical sites.

Dockerized AI Hosting

By default, AI solutions from 3rd party vendors are provided in dedicated containers and hosted in the deepcOS® cloud. Imaging data for AI processing is therefore only sent to the deepcOS® cloud, and not other cloud environments.

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Flexible Cloud Deployment

deepcOS® is cloud-agnostic, enabling departments to choose either their preferred public cloud supplier or install deepcOS® on premise or in a private cloud.

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Without deepc

Complicated administration of all solutions
Difficult to evaluate the AI market
Multiple data protection agreements for review
Several information security reviews
Separate contracts for all solutions
Hassle of different installation requirements
Multiple custom integrations with different AI vendors
Separate billing processes

With deepc

One point of contact
One platform for AI evaluation
One data protection agreement
One information security review
One contract
One installation
One integration
One billing process

Embed AI results natively within existing clinical systems

AI Vendors integrate with deepcOS® via our software development kit (SDK). This streamlines the transmission of AI results in the traditional format including DICOM SC, DICOM PDF and DICOM SR, as well as AI Events (e.g. live processing status) and AI outputs (e.g. detected findings).

The AI events and AI output data can then be displayed within existing clinical systems, ensuring a seamless workflow integration.

Benefits of the deepcOS® Cloud Deployment Platform

Cloud Native for Scalability

No matter how many imaging studies are sent for processing, a cloud-native system means resources are always scaled to meet demand.

Faster Updates to AI solutions

Without on-premise installations of each AI solution, new regulatory cleared product versions can be updated and accessed quickly.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Deep SDK integrations with AI vendors enable the inclusion of AI results natively in existing systems, increasing value for radiologists.

Simplified Deployment

Deploying cloud-hosted AI solutions reduces the required installation time and the administrative burden on IT departments.

Maximum Flexibility

Cloud hosting means new AI solutions can be quickly and easily added, removed or exchanged, without needing individual integrations.

Secure and Compliant

Hosting of AI solutions in the deepcOS cloud ensures department data is not transferred to 3rd party cloud environments.