deepcOS® for Radiologists

Enrich your radiology workflow with AI

deepc's AI Operating System makes it easy for radiologists to access the clinical value of multiple AI solutions quickly.

With one of the broadest AI portfolios on the market, ensure your whole department is supported by AI.

"deepc is a game-changer for the radiology workflow"

Supporting Radiologists at every step

With its modular design, deepcOS® offers radiologists the flexibility to seamlessly integrate AI into their workflow for optimal support.


deepc is proudly vendor neutral and offers more than 50 AI solutions for a variety of use cases, giving radiologists the freedom of choice. 


Evaluate AI solutions before purchase, test their performance and compare AI outputs on sample datasets to increase confidence in AI. 


For a seamless workflow integration, deepcOS® is compatible with HIT systems including PACS, RIS and EMR, meaning no new AI-vendor interfaces. 


AI results are made available automatically before the reading process begins, enabling higher diagnostic confidence with AI support.

Connect the tools you use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.

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Peer-reviewed evidence supporting an AI-integrated workflow

Large Vessel Occlusion



shorter time to treatment1
Breast Cancer Screening



workload reduction2
Chest X-Ray Analysis



faster reporting time3
Fracture Detection




sensitivity increase4

Seamless workflow integration

Deep integrations with HIT vendors such as PACS, RIS, EMR and EHR providers mean AI results can be made available directly within the existing clinical systems.

Multiple AI solutions, without multiple interfaces.

Benefits of deepcOS® for radiologists

Accelerated access to radiology AI

Evaluate, and select from, a myriad of commercial AI solutions

No new interfaces - AI within the existing PACS, RIS or EMR

Strong security and GDPR compliance by design

Get expert advice with tailored clinical value consulting

Flexibility to add and change AI solutions easily

Improve diagnostic confidence with AI

Highly customizable to the needs of each department

Trusted by our existing customers

“deepc already today brings tremendous value to our reporting routine. The user-friendly interface and ease of integration of a myriad of AI solutions is a true relief.”
“deepc is a game-changer for the radiology workflow. deepcOS enables us to effortlessly integrate the world’s leading AI solutions into our hospital IT systems and make AI usage really scalable.”
Dr. Amir Bigdeli
Chair of Radiology, Artemed
"The whole setup was super smooth, deepcOS was instantly connected with our central PACS, and it worked from the start. The AI algorithms also detect difficult cases with the highest accuracy.”
Prof. Dr. Lars Grenacher
Chairman of the Board, Conradia Radiology
"We are convinced that using deepcOS is the right solution. Instead of integrating individual AI solutions in a resource-intensive and unique way, we have uncomplicated access to many AI solutions via a single gate and with a uniform technical and legal framework. We particularly like that deepc independently selects which AI solutions should process the image data."
Boj Friedrich Hoppe
Radiologist & Chief Medical Advisor of the Digital Agenda Group, LMU University Hospital
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Enhance the radiology workflow with novel functionality

Priority Flagging

Studies are flagged and pushed to the top of the radiology worklist when the AI detects a finding considered urgent by your institution.

Urgency Notifications

Never miss an urgent case - be notified every time the AI detects a finding that your institution defines as urgent.

Send to PACS Functionality

With the ability to preview AI results before sending them to the PACS, take control by only storing and saving AI results of your choice.

How we curate our portfolio of leading AI solutions


Regulatory Check

We only accept AI solutions on our platform that have at least the CE-mark and / or FDA-clearance.


Literature Review

We investigate AI engine performance including sensitivity, specificity, AUROC, training and test dataset sizes.



We test solutions on non-public datasets to ensure high performance, and monitor AI products for post market surveillance.

Explore the AI Portfolio

Learn about more than 50 certified AI solutions from over 30 globally leading AI vendors, covering a wide variety of medical specialties.

All available for integration via deepcOS®.
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