deepcOS® for Healthcare Management

Generating attractive ROI with simplified AI deployment

With deepcOS®, avoid the cost and complexity of multiple custom integrations with different AI vendors, and access over 50+ AI solutions via a single installation.

Access all the clinical, efficiency and financial benefits of multiple regulatory cleared AI solutions, with just one streamlined process.

AI made easy.

"deepc is helping us streamline our clinical workflows and improve patient care."

Supporting Healthcare Management at every step

With a completely modular product offering, deepcOS® can support healthcare management to future-proof your AI strategy.


deepc is proudly vendor neutral to provide tailored advice, and helps radiology departments to evaluate the AI products on the market.


To create a seamless workflow integration for radiologists, AI results are embedded within existing HIT systems.

Return On Investment

deepcOS® brings together many AI solutions into one installation, ensuring that management can select those that best facilitate the desired ROI.


With one easy installation, new AI solutions can be quickly added without the hassle of multiple custom integrations, saving time and money. 

Connect the tools you use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.

Our people

We’re an extension of your customer service team, and all of our resources are free. Chat to our friendly team 24/7 when you need help.

Streamlined, end to end.

Experience the benefits of an all-in-one, AI Operating System.

Without deepc

With deepc

Difficult to navigate the AI market
One partner for market knowledge
Challenging to evaluate Radiology AI solutions
One platform for AI evaluation
Hard to test AI solutions on own data
One interface for easily testing AI
Multiple data protection agreements for review
One data protection agreement
Several information security reviews
One information security review
Separate contracts for all solutions
One contract
Hassle of different installation requirements
One installation
Multiple custom integrations with different AI vendors
One integration
Complicated administration of all solutions
One point of contact
Separate billing processes
One billing process
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Increasing Return on Investment with AI

deepcOS® brings together leading Radiology AI solutions into one installation, ensuring that radiology management can select those that best faciliate the desired return on investment.
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Increased Efficiency

AI solutions detecting critical findings, automatically calculating measurements or reducing acquisition time can reduce the time per study, enabling radiologists to process more patients within the same time period.

Optimized Referrer Satisfaction

Some AI solutions provide their results in a rich report format, which when provided to referring physicians can aid their treatment planning process by provide rich, granular information.

Decrease Legal Claims

By helping radiologists to reduce the likelihood of missed or incorrect diagnoses, Radiology AI can help reduce the number of malpractice lawsuits.

Standardized and Reliable Results

With a standardized way of reporting on imaging studies, AI can help reduce the variability between Radiologists in the same institution which increases the consistency for patient diagnosis and treatment.

Ensuring Necessary Follow-up Exams

AI can help ensure that follow-up exams are conducted when necessary - either by providing information which removes the need for a follow up scan, or by detecting potentially missed findings and ensuring patients receive any follow-up exams required.

Increase of Relevant Downstream Procedures

Detection-focussed AI solutions can act as a double check for radiologists, ensuring that findings requiring follow up procedures are not missed, increasing revenue for your department.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

AI solutions related to image enhancement have significant benefits for patients, reducing the radiation dose required for each study while maintaining image quality for radiologists. AI can also help patients to  feel more confident in their diagnosis.

Increased Accuracy and Reduced Costs

By supporting image analysis for diagnostics, AI can help to make sure that the costs for follow up procedures are only incurred when necessary.

Benefits of deepcOS® for Healthcare Management

Faster and more scalable AI deployment

More cost-effective AI introduction and management

Lower integration efforts from one simple installation

Reduced hardware requirements for IT

Streamlined management of multiple AI solutions

Simplified financial and legal arrangements

Secure cloud and on-premise infrastructure

Differentiate your business with modern technology 


How deepc streamlines the radiology workflow

Priority Flagging

Studies are flagged and pushed to the top of the radiology worklist when the AI detects a finding considered urgent by your institution.

Urgent Notifications

Never miss an urgent case - be notified every time the AI detects a finding that your institution defines as urgent.

Send to PACS Functionality

With the ability to preview AI results before sending them to the PACS, take control by only storing and saving AI results of your choice.

Explore the AI Portfolio

Learn about more than 50 certified AI solutions from over 30 globally leading AI vendors, covering a wide variety of medical specialties.

All available for integration via deepcOS®.
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"The biggest challenge today is how to best integrate AI into clinical workflows and the healthcare infrastructure to make a sustained impact  - this is exactly what deepc is solving.“
"Partnering with deepc was an obvious choice for LMU. By offering a comprehensive suite of AI solutions that can be integrated without the traditional high cost and complexity of procurement and implementation, deepc is helping us streamline our clinical workflows and improve patient care."
Prof. Dr. Clemens Cyran
Vice Chair, LMU Department of Radiology
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