deepcOS® for Data Protection Officers

Ensure personal health information remains secure and under your control

With strict GDPR compliance, pseudonymization, cloud hosting, data encryption and remote software updates, sensitive personal data is safe with deepcOS®.

Supporting data protection officers at every step

deepc works closely together with data protection officers to reduce their workload when integrating leading radiology AI solutions.


deepc provides one DPA framework valid for all AI solutions installed, and significantly streamlines other legal and contractual processes.


deepcOS® is fully GDPR compliant and only accepts regulatory cleared AI solutions for commercial distribution.


All data passing through deepcOS® is encrypted both in transit and at rest, securely protecting it from unauthorized access and use.


All AI solutions are hosted by default in the deepcOS® cloud, meaning data remains within the deepc infrastructure and is not forwarded.

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Data privacy by design

Keeping sensitive personal health data safe and secure is our highest priority.

Data de-identification

Personal data is removed on site before studies are sent for AI processing in the cloud. Once AI processing is complete and imaging data is back on premise, personal information is reassigned.

deepc is strictly GDPR-compliant, and ensures personal data does not leave your institution.

AI processing in the cloud

Hosting AI solutions in the deepcOS® cloud prevents the transfer of data to other cloud environments, and means only one data protection agreement is required.  

Customers with more specific requirements can also request for deepcOS® to be installed in their preferred public cloud supplier, on premise or in a private cloud.

Remote Software Updates

Remote updates ensure that deepcOS® is secure and up-to-date. They also limit access to patient data and reduce the burden on departments to maintain related infrastructure and services themselves.

Data retention policy

By default, deepcOS® stores imaging data only temporarily for the purpose of image processing. Data is not sent for storage to 3rd party AI vendors, as solutions are hosted in the deepc environment.

Benefits of deepcOS® for Data Protection Officers

One point of contact for data privacy related topics

Robust data protection concept for streamlined management of AI at scale

Strict data deletion policy within the deepcOS® cloud

Protected PHI with on premise data de-identification

Certified, tested and secure cloud infrastructure for AI processing

Simplified governance due to centralized AI hosting in deepc environment

Compliant with the GDPR and certified under ISO 13485

Data encryption in both transit and at rest to ensure PHI is protected and secure

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