Clinical Integrations

Seamless system integration for an efficient clinical workflow

deepcOS® seamlessly integrates AI results into the existing radiology workflow, eliminating the need to switch between multiple interfaces for different AI solutions.

Compatible with a variety of Health Information Technology (HIT) systems

Picture Archiving & Comms. System
Radiology Information System
Electronic Health Record
Electronic Medical Record
Hospital Information System
Clinical Information System
Personal Health Record

Flexible integration options for all customers

deepcOS® can be integrated in different ways depending on the Healthcare IT systems in use and the information richness desired.

Live AI Processing Status
Urgency Flags
Clinical Findings in the Worklist
Accept / Reject AI Results
Push Notifications
Custom reports
Standard Integration
Deep Integration
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Number of users
Total credit limit
$100,000 USD
Individual user analytics
Behaviour analytics
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Deep integration with deepcOS

Seamless integration with existing radiology interfaces

deepc extends on traditional DICOM by passing on rich AI information for display in existing systems via our API integrations.

Worklist AI-based Prioritization

An additional column for an AI urgency flag can be added to the radiology worklist to help radiologists triage and prioritize the reporting of cases they define as clinically urgent.

Worklist-Embedded Clinical Findings

Clinical findings from 3rd party AI vendors can be embedded within the worklist to ensure radiologists have as much information as they need to prioritize efficiently.

Monitor AI processing in real time

Real-time AI processing updates within the existing radiology worklist ensure radiologists always know when studies are ready for review.

Powered by the deepcOS® Clinical API

Clinical system providers such as third-party viewing software and worklist-related applications can integrate with the deepcOS® API to consume AI output data provided by the AI vendors at scale.

This data can then be displayed natively within the existing downstream systems, ensuring an optimized AI-augmented workflow for radiologists.
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Advantages of API-based integrations with Clinical Systems

Increase Workflow Efficiency

Access AI results from leading commercial solutions without needing to use the individual interfaces of each AI vendor.

Enrich the Radiology Worklist

Streamline AI-based workflows with additional columns in the radiology worklist such as priority flags, clinical findings and AI processing status.

Extend beyond DICOM

Instead of relying on AI results embedded into DICOM PDFs, SCs and SRs, a deep integration means no changes to the existing workflow.

deepc offers the leading AI platform for Healthcare IT Providers

Healthcare IT Providers that integrate with deepc eliminate the cost and complexity of multiple custom integrations with different AI vendors, and can gain access to over 50 AI solutions via a single integration.

Set your business apart within a crowded market, and ensure that you can continuously meet the evolving needs of your customers by delivering world-class AI.
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Advanced AI - Navigation within the Viewer

AI results are accessible alongside the existing study within the viewer. Optimized scrolling and fast display of detected findings can help radiologists to see and evaluate the AI results more quickly.