Comprehensive Monitoring for End-to-End AI Safety

Monitor and manage the quality and reliability of your AI results
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Pre-Integration Curation

Exclusively regulatory-cleared AI solutions. Our targeted assessments use independent data for unbiased insights into real-world performance.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Track key performance indicators such as Performance Drift, Bias & Fairness, Deferral Rates, and Runtime Failures.

System-Level AI Oversight

All essential image parameters are monitored to guarantee proper downstream AI analysis.

Population-Level Auditing

Post-market surveillance of AI solutions through accept/reject feature helps to initiate timely updates to combat AI performance degradation.

Proactive Notifications

Timely awareness of maintenance tasks and issues, with dashboards for first-level support.

Partner in AI Excellence

We proactively monitor all installations ensuring the highest level of quality assurance.
AI Engine Evaluator

Evaluate AI Results from competing AI Vendors

Compare the performance of AI solutions for the same use case and view the results from different vendors alongside each other.
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Detailed Series Panel

See the full picture with a detailed series panel that indicates which solutions are AI results and from which AI vendor.

Compare AI solutions

Easily and quickly compare AI results processed by different AI vendors in a single view.

Accept / Reject AI

Track the performance of each deployed AI solution, and gain insights into how they are performing on department data.

RAISE - Radiology AI: Integrated Safety and Ethics

A Framework Paper for Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy AI in Radiology

Guarding AI Safety in Medical Imaging:
Preventing Data Shift Pitfalls

A Feature on Watchdog – A Cutting-Edge Monitoring System to Ensure Consistent AI Model Performance and Reliable Patient Care