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Was geht? Mit dem KHZG den Einsatz von KI fördern

Does your hospital have an AI strategy?

With the Hospital Future Act (KHZG) the use of artificial intelligence in German healthcare can already be promoted today.

In our webinar with deepc, PwC, and our clinical expert from LMU Klinikum Münchenwe show you just some of the  many benefits that AI can offer in medicine.

Although the KHZG has a funding pot totaling 4.3 billion euros, this has only scratched the surface of digitalization in some hospitals, though experts are already aware that the use of AI will play an indispensable role in medicine.

Investment is therefore worthwhile - Funding is possible in many cases with the KHZG.

Listen in our webinar to

  • Dr. Benedict Gross, healthcare specialist, and Senior Manager at PwC
  • Boj Friedrich Hoppe, Radiologist, LMU Klinikum München (University of Munich Hospital)
  • Dr. Franz MJ Pfister, MD, MBA, Co-Founder and CEO, deepc
  • Natalie Erdmann, CMO, deepc

who shed more light into the AI-KHZG jungle!