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How AI translates into clinical value

The event took place on 29th September 2021. It throws light on the practical value of AI for radiology.
  • How to build trust in AI by evidence
  • Where to find the best validated AI studies
  • Demonstrations of concrete AI value in musculoskeletal, oncological, and emergency room applications from new AI studies

The event was hosted by deepc´sCEO Dr. Franz Pfister, MD, MBA, and Meetup Health AI Munich/Berlin/Singapur. We had the brilliant Dr. Merel Huisman, MD, PhD, Senior Resident Radiologist, UMC Utrecht, Board Member EuSoMII - European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics, as our keynote speaker. In her talk, she demystifies the use of artificial intelligence in radiology.

The other speakers were from our outstanding partners, sharing their insightful knowledge on the clinical value of AI and the ways they are using it to benefit radiological diagnostics, with:

  • Victor Groothengel, CCO, Aidence
  • Albane Grandjean, Head of Marketing and Clinical Affairs, GLEAMER
  • Chiranjiv Singh, CCO,

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