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The Radiology AI Platform

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Trusted by renowned partners

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Discover our cutting-edge Radiology AI Platform

deepcOS includes our cloud-based AI platform, which provides a seamless, easy, and fast end-to-end integration of countless AI medical device products in the radiology workflow - from the best AI vendors around the globe.

Our state-of-the-art system serves as the interfacing software layer to connect AI algorithm providers with clinical end-users, to
bring AI software into clinical routine.

Trusted by renowned partners

...and many more!
Discover our cutting-edge Radiology AI Platform
Discover our product

Certified and tested with
outstanding performance

deepcOS is one of the leading platforms for end-to-end AI integration. We have tested deepcOS in large-scale real-world evidence studies and demonstrated outstanding performance.

Up to
Productivity gain
Clinical indication fields
On average
1 day
Setup time for deepcOS
Up to
Return on investment
More than
Studies processed to date

Why customers and partners trust us

We work individually with each client and partner. Outstanding together and jointly successful. That is what we stand for!

PD Dr. Benedikt Wiestler

“deepc is a game-changer for radiology reporting. The workflow is improved with world-class AI technology in an end-to-end fashion - deepc already today brings tremendous value to our reporting routine. The user-friendly interface and ease of integration of a myriad of AI solutions is a true relief.”

Christoph Haarburger

"The biggest challenge today is how to best integrate AI into clinical workflows and the healthcare infrastructure to make a sustained impact  - this is exactly what deepc is solving.“

Nicolas Jirikoff

“deepc’s team consists of experts in the German market - so deepc is a great distribution channel for us. With their deep understanding of AI technologies as well as radiological workflows, they are a trusted partner to bring our AI detection of critical findings into everyday radiology operations.”

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State of the art
Driven by clinical need, developed by experts

We have developed deepcOS together with and for clinicians. In rigorous real-world evidence setups, we have evaluated its clinical efficiency and quality benefits - with great outcomes!