August 10, 2023

HERA-MI and deepc announce partnership

HERA-MI and deepc announce partnership

We announce the latest addition to deepcOS- HERA-MI's Breast-SlimView®: AI-based decision support software for mammography & tomosynthesis. Breast-SlimView® highlights suspicious areas by masking all the rest in the image. The unique negativation process automatically detects and masks all physiologically normal elements in the breast (vessels, connective tissue, mammary gland, muscles, and fat) and replaces them with artificial fat tissue.

This collaboration further enhances deepc’s 2D and 3D mammography offering and marks another step in deepc’s mission to offer the most comprehensive and diverse portfolio of leading AI solutions. We strive to provide a diverse selection of rigorously validated AI solutions to suit the unique needs of each radiology department. The Hera-MI solution has a positive impact on clinical workflow in what we deem a critical area of care; Women's Health.

Some of the benefits from this collaboration are improving efficiency, saving time and supporting radiologists, supporting diagnostic quality and diagnosis, and making this product unique to their negativation process.

“Hera-MI is proud to start this partnership with deepc’s AI platform, paving the way for improved breast cancer care and screening on a global scale”-says Sylvie Davila, CEO at Hera-MI.

Together with our partners, we are pioneering the future of AI Solutions, revolutionizing the Radiology industry; a core business driver for deepc.

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