March 1, 2023

First vendor-neutral cloud-to-cloud solution for hospitals and radiologists

Telepaxx Medical Data and deepc enter into a distribution and integration partnership.
First vendor-neutral cloud-to-cloud solution for hospitals and radiologists
  • Telepaxx Medical Data and deepc enter into a distribution and integration partnership
  • Cooperation enables easy entry to cloud technologies and artificial intelligence
  • Single integration saves implementation time for AI solutions and increases efficiency for IT departments

Vienna/Munich/Buechenbach, 1. March 2023. Telepaxx Medical Data, provider of the leading cloud for diagnostic medical data in Europe, and deepc, the leading AI Operating System for radiologists, create the first vendor-neutral cloud-to-cloud connection for integrating AI-based imaging and reporting tools. With just one integration of a PACS to the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud (TMD Cloud), medical institutions can select from all of deepc's curated AI tools and easily leverage them in their clinical workflows. This central integration via Telepaxx Medical Data reduces not only the technical effort but also the required legal agreements, which are relevant for data protection.

Benefits of enabling simple integration of AI 

Increasing patient numbers and internal second opinions can strain resources, placing medical teams under pressure. Integrating AI classifiers from the cloud can support physicians, for example, in the reporting of X-rays, MR, or CT scans, and help them prioritize cases, shortening the time from admission to the emergency room to discharge and providing for efficient allocation of scarce staff resources supporting better medical care. Since the imaging data is already in the cloud, it is easily shared with patients or physicians to provide further treatment.

An initial evaluation project conducted by the two companies with two hospitals showed that using an AI solution to assess X-ray images significantly reduced the workload of the senior physicians responsible for the emergency department of the evaluating hospital. 

Less IT effort and maximum data protection through central integration

The central interface of the Telepaxx Medical Data Cloud to deepc's AI platform reduces the IT and administration effort for medical facilities. From a technical perspective, only a one-time integration with the TMD Cloud via a standard interface is required, for example, from the PACS. In contrast to the individual integration of AI tools, a data processing agreement (DPA) is concluded once between Telepaxx Medical Data and the respective clinic or radiologist as a corresponding DPA already exists between Telepaxx Medical Data and deepc inclusive of the AI tools connected to deepc’s platform.

Security through encryption of medical data

Additional security in the processing of sensitive medical data is provided by the TMD Cloud: All data is stored exclusively in an encrypted form and the keys are stored in an environment completely separate from the data. For temporary processing, data is then temporarily decrypted using Telepaxx’s key management and, if necessary, additionally pseudonymized. The result of the AI is then encrypted and transferred to the worklist or viewer. This multi-level security concept ensures data protection of sensitive patient data at all times.

Vendor-neutral cloud-to-cloud communication significant advantage

Since Telepaxx Medical Data's TMD Cloud and deepc's AI radiology platform function absolutely vendor-neutrally, every hospital and radiologist can benefit from the cloud-to-cloud solution - regardless of which PACS, modality, or HIS/RIS they use providing device- and technology-independent access to cloud and artificial intelligence innovation technologies. Additionally, thanks to the plug-and-play solution, hospitals and radiologists can test different AI classifiers in their workflows and choose the best solution for their particular use case, as well as integrate additional AI tools over time. Regardless of the AI tool chosen, data sovereignty always remains with the medical facility increasing not only data security but also data integrity.

"Data is the cornerstone for digitizing processes in medical facilities and thus for better medical care. The cloud plays a central role in managing data securely. Through our cooperation with deepc, we want to support our customers and ease their path to incorporate modern technologies. That's why our solutions are all vendor-neutral and compliant with data protection," comments Andreas Dobler, Managing Director of Telepaxx Medical Data, on the cooperation.

Dr. Franz Pfister, founder and CEO of deepc, adds: “We are delighted to announce this partnership. We obsess over removing barriers to adoption and are always looking for ways to simplify accessing clinical AI. This relationship allows Telepaxx Medical Data to immediately offer the deepcOS (and all of the AI engines available) to their existing install base. It also offers a unique opportunity for clinicians who recognise the need for AI but struggle to navigate the tricky path to onboarding engines into their clinical workspace.”

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