February 1, 2022

We are excited to announce our new partnership with NEXUS /CHILI!

The renowned Dossenheim software company for RIS, PACS, and telemedicine solutions and our team join forces to facilitate more efficient workflows for radiologists, and higher treatment quality for patients.
We are excited to announce our new partnership with NEXUS /CHILI!

Our collaboration enables the provision of numerous AI applications with only one interface into the existing IT systems of radiological facilities (PACS). The combination of artificial intelligence and image-processing software solutions offers users a significant simplification and acceleration of the workflow, especially in the area of reporting.

In addition to the users of CHILI PACS, patients also benefit from the partnership. Due to quality improvement, time savings, and accelerated diagnostics, treatment can be initiated faster, and patient safety can be increased. 

With our AI Operating System "deepcOS", we are offering a novel platform for Radiology AI since the beginning of 2021: a myriad of hand-picked and curated AI applications from leading partners worldwide are integrated into existing hospital, practice, or other IT infrastructures in a GDPR-compliant manner with only a one-time installation. The AI solutions, which can now be used for more than 30 indication fields, have all been checked for regulatory purposes and are CE- or FDA-compliant medical products.

NEXUS / CHILI GmbH, as a company of the NEXUS Group, develops innovative software solutions in the areas of RIS, PACS, teleradiology, and telemedicine which cover the entire spectrum of medical multimedia communication, storage, and reporting. The use of the customized solutions is not limited to the medical facility, but makes it possible to exchange multimedia medical data with all persons involved in the treatment process.

Dr. Uwe Engelmann, founder and CEO of NEXUS / CHILI, is pleased about the cooperation: "With deepc, we have found a partner with whom we fit very well technologically and also on a personal level."

Dr. Franz Pfister, deepc´s CEO, adds: "Our partnership with NEXUS /CHILI and thus the effortless access to Radiology AI will lead to a great increase in AI adoption, facilitating improved quality and efficiency for daily radiological practice."

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