June 25, 2024

deepc Partners with Oxipit to Further Enhance the Chest X-Ray Workflow

Oxipit's ChestLink and ChestEye Products Now Available on deepcOS
deepc Partners with Oxipit to Further Enhance the Chest X-Ray Workflow

deepc is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Oxipit, a leader in AI tools for medical imaging within the Chest X-Ray (CXR) workflow. This collaboration will integrate Oxipit’s advanced AI solutions - ChestLink, ChestEye, and ChestEye Quality - into the deepcOS platform, furthering our mission to revolutionize radiology with validated best-in-class AI solutions.

Oxipit’s AI Solutions on deepcOS:

  • ChestLink: The first CE-certified autonomous AI medical imaging application, ChestLink generates final healthy patient reports without radiologist involvement, focusing on cases with no abnormalities. This tool can automate up to 40% of the CXR workflow, boasting over 99.9% sensitivity in independent clinical validations, and also offers a semi-autonomous mode. Learn more
  • ChestEye: This AI CAD application detects 75 common findings in chest X-rays, localizing findings and producing preliminary reports. ChestEye includes a triage feature to prioritize time-sensitive cases, enhancing productivity and ensuring prompt attention to critical findings. Learn more
  • ChestEye Quality: Acting as a second reader, ChestEye Quality analyzes radiologist reports and medical images to prevent diagnostic errors. The application alerts radiologists to missed findings, particularly subtle ones like pulmonary nodules, providing holistic quality assurance for all reported images. Learn more

Together with Oxipit, deepc continues to pioneer the future of AI solutions, revolutionizing the radiology industry and helping to address the global radiologist shortage. The seamless integration of such leading AI tools into deepcOS ensures that healthcare facilities can easily adopt advanced technology without disrupting their current workflow, while delivering on high-quality patient care.

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