June 27, 2023

deepc & Intellimed Revolutionize Medical Imaging in Switzerland through AI

deepc and Intellimed Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Medical Imaging with Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland
deepc & Intellimed Revolutionize Medical Imaging in Switzerland through AI

deepc, a leading AI platform, and Intellimed, a Swiss distributor of innovative artificial intelligence software, are set to deliver advancements to medical imaging in Switzerland through a strategic partnership. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in optimizing the adoption of AI for Radiology and reinforces both companies' commitment to enhancing patient care and optimizing efficiency.

Intellimed has established itself as a prominent player in Switzerland. By carefully selecting reliable and strong partners, such as deepc, Intellimed focuses on providing solutions that improve diagnostic accuracy, optimize physician's time, and ensure superior patient monitoring.

deepc, renowned for its vendor-neutral artificial intelligence platform, deepcOS, empowers medical institutions to adopt and integrate optimal AI tools into their clinical workflows seamlessly. With a single integration, healthcare providers gain access to deepc's extensive portfolio of curated AI solutions.

By joining forces, Intellimed and deepc aim to redefine the medical imaging landscape in Switzerland with seamless integration of artificial intelligence.

"We don't seek customers for our products, but superior products for our customers. Through this partnership, our vision for the future of medical imaging aligns perfectly with deepc's commitment to cutting-edge AI technology," said Rachel Unell, Managing Partner at Intellimed. "Together, we will unlock new possibilities in diagnostics, elevate patient care, and revolutionize the way physicians utilize advanced imaging solutions."

"We are thrilled to join forces with Intellimed to optimize the adoption of AI in Radiology in Switzerland," said John Moulden, CCO at deepc. "Our partnership will empower healthcare providers with unparalleled AI capabilities, assisting them to deliver superior patient care and drive positive outcomes."

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