June 20, 2023

deepc enters the Nordic market with Nordic Medtech

Nordic Medtech and deepc enter a distribution and integration partnership, bringing a vendor-neutral artificial intelligence platform to the Nordic healthcare market.
deepc enters the Nordic market with Nordic Medtech

Nordic Medtech, a leading provider of artificial intelligence in healthcare in the Nordics and deepc, the leading AI Operating System for radiologists. With just one integration to PACS, medical institutions can select from all of deepc's curated AI tools and easily leverage them in their clinical workflows. The central integration to deepc’s and Nordic MedTech’s AI portfolio reduces the technical effort and the required legal agreements, which are imperative to data protection.

Benefits of enabling simple integration of AI

Increasing patient numbers and internal second opinions can strain resources, placing medical teams under pressure. Integrating AI classifiers can support physicians, for example, in the reporting of X-rays, MR, or CT scans – including AI as a CE-approved second reader - and help them prioritise cases, shortening the time from admission to the emergency room to discharge and providing for efficient allocation of scarce staff resources supporting better medical care.

Less IT effort and maximum data protection through central integration

The central interface to deepc's AI platform radically reduces the IT and administration efforts. From a technical perspective, a one-time integration is required from a PACS or VNA. In contrast to the individual integration of AI tools, a data processing agreement (DPA) is concluded once, as a corresponding DPA already exists.

Security through encryption of medical data

Additional security in processing sensitive medical data is provided: All data is stored exclusively in an encrypted form, the keys are stored in an environment completely separate from the data. The result of the AI is encrypted and transferred to the worklist or viewer. This multi-level security concept always ensures data protection of sensitive patient data.

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