August 17, 2023

deepc and Infervision announce partnership

deepc and Infervision announce partnership

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to deepcOS- Infervision’s InferRead CT Lung and InferRead CT Stroke. 

InferRead CT Lung is a processing solution for lung cancer screening, that recognizes lung cancer's core features, determines suspected lung nodules' characteristics in different image sequences, and aims to aid early-stage diagnosis. This solution provides information on lung nodules, including location, size, density, malignancy probability, and disease progression, and creates a preliminary report.

InferRead CT Stroke is an advanced AI solution that quickly and accurately locates bleeding areas, measures bleeding volume, and detects midline shifts in the brain, enabling clinicians to make quick, accurate decisions about the severity of the stroke and devise appropriate treatment plans. By reducing diagnosis time and providing accurate assessments, InferRead CT Stroke saves precious time for stroke patients and greatly improves their prognosis. The comparison feature allows clinicians to track changes in bleeding areas over time by comparing multiple CT scans of the same patient taken within a short period, which aids treatment evaluation and facilitates targeted interventions to improve patient outcomes.

Infervision has a global footprint, with 8 international offices and more than 500 employees, with 50% dedicated to R&D. Infervision AI solutions currently empower over 1000 medical institutions in 25+ countries. Over 20 million patients have already benefited from their services to date.

This collaboration marks another step in deepc’s mission to offer the most comprehensive and diverse portfolio of leading AI solutions. We strive to provide a diverse selection of rigorously validated AI solutions to suit the unique needs of each radiology department.

Together with our partners, we are pioneering the future of AI Solutions, revolutionizing the Radiology industry, a core business driver for deepc.

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