September 22, 2023

contextflow and deepc announce partnership

contextflow and deepc announce partnership

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to deepcOS- contextflow ADVANCE Chest CT. 

ADVANCE Chest CT is a CE-marked, computer-aided detection system that detects and quantifies lung nodules and 8 key image patterns. Detected findings are visualized as color-coded overlays in your native viewer. Findings can be provided as a PDF report or sent to your PACS’ structured reporting tool.

Discover the benefits of this AI Solution:

  • Supports reporting guidelines with necessary quantifications
  • Aims to improve reporting quality & consistency with objective results  
  • Enriches the worklist with detected findings (Needs configuration by your PACS/RIS)

“Radiologists have made it clear to us that consistent, objective measurement of nodules AND lung disease patterns is urgently needed to help them with reporting, especially as their workloads are increasing. We're happy to work with deepc so that we can enrich their current PACS/RIS experience with these findings and do it in a way that supports multiple reporting guidelines,” says Marcel Wassink, Chief Commercial Officer at contextflow.

Together with our partners, we are pioneering the future of AI Solutions, revolutionizing the radiology industry.

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