October 2, 2023

AI Continues to Improve Medical Response at Oktoberfest: deepc and LMU Renew Collaboration to Lead Initiative

In 2022, deepc and LMU Hospital brought AI to Oktoberfest's medical services, reducing hospital referrals. In 2023, they're using BrainScan CT to further enhance medical care, showcasing the future of healthcare at the festival.
AI Continues to Improve Medical Response at Oktoberfest: deepc and LMU Renew Collaboration to Lead Initiative
  • deepc and LMU Hospital continue to redefine medical care at Oktoberfest by integrating state-of-the-art AI technology
  • Initiative will leverage the momentum of success seen in 2022, with a continued goal to reduce strain on local emergency resources
  • LMU Radiology uses deepcOS AI evaluation capabilities to select BrainScan CT, an AI solution designed to detect 16 different pathologies
In an extension of their collaboration in innovation, deepc, a leading MedTech company, and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (LMU), with its distinguished University Hospital, are once again transforming healthcare services at the renowned Oktoberfest in Munich Germany. The integration of state-of-the-art AI technology into the festival’s medical response, which began in 2022, continues to redefine the standard for large-scale event medical care.

The introduction of radiology with AI into the emergency medical response procedures during Oktoberfest in 2022 brought new innovations to the popular festival. The event’s 6+ million visitors of all ages, coupled with significant alcohol consumption and adventurous revelry, prompted Oktoberfest medical officials to look to on-site CT scanning and AI to help relieve strain on local emergency resources. Using deepc’s platform, deepcOS, the Department of Radiology at Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) Hospital was able to integrate AI for brain CT scans into their medical response protocol which enabled quicker and more accurate triaging of cases directly at the event site. This effort led to a significant reduction in unnecessary hospital referrals for traumatic brain injuries, ensuring more efficient care of attendees and enhancing overall event safety.

With the commencement of Oktoberfest 2023, LMU Hospital takes another stride forward in its commitment to advancing the capacity of care at the festival. This year, the LMU Radiology Department centers its focus on enabling AI detection of even more pathologies in brain CTs, and has therefore decided to employ the BrainScan CT AI solution via deepcOS. BrainScan CT detects 16 classes of lesions with up to 99% accuracy in as little as 3 minutes and detects life-threatening conditions such as brain bleeds and stroke. 

Szymon Korzekwa, CEO of BrainScan, says,  “We are truly excited to have BrainScan CT play a pivotal role at this year’s Oktoberfest. With its comprehensive detection capabilities for a large array of brain pathologies, we think LMU will benefit from greater insight into the diverse range of cases that they may encounter at the festival. BrainScan CT’s high accuracy should instill confidence in the ability to make well-informed decisions when assessing the necessity for further treatment of patients. We would like to thank LMU Hospital for trusting us and choosing BrainScan CT.”

LMU Radiology Department’s choice of AI solution was facilitated by deepcOS’s unique evaluation capabilities, allowing the testing and comparison of AI solutions from deepc’s extensive portfolio on local clinical data in real-time and without the use of IT resources. 

Prof. Dr. Clemens Cyran, Vice Chair of the Department of Radiology at the LMU Hospital, adds, “We’re pleased to return with deepc to Oktoberfest with AI-enhanced CT scanning, which is fast proving to be a mainstay at the event for efficient patient management. This year, we leveraged deepc’s capability to easily evaluate various AI solutions before implementing at the Wiesn. It’s like having a reliable compass to navigate the AI landscape. The ability to readily assess how different algorithms perform on the same clinical case will prove to be an invaluable tool for radiologists as they evaluate which AI solutions will most optimally meet their requirements.”

LMU Radiology Department's return to Oktoberfest equipped with BrainScan CT makes it evident that AI's transformative potential in healthcare is here to stay. Patient safety and streamlined healthcare processes will continue to take center stage and practical testing tools to choose the most appropriate AI solution for specific use-cases will be key to drive this initiative.

Dr. Franz Pfister, deepc’s co-founder and CEO shares, “deepc is proud to once again collaborate with LMU at Oktoberfest, showcasing the versatile power of AI in healthcare. LMU's choice to implement the BrainScan CT AI solution through deepcOS underscores the transformative potential of AI in redefining medical response at large-scale events. We look forward to continuing to support LMU with such unique initiatives as well as in clinical routine workflows by helping them to achieve their objectives in AI validation and deployment”.

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