The Radiology AI Operating System 

deepcOS® is the all-in-one AI OS for seamless integration of radiology AI solutions into the existing clinical workflow, with just one installation.

With a completely modular design, deepcOS® can be used for everything from secure data export and testing research algorithms, to deploying commercial solutions.
deepcOS® Gate
Learn how our leading on premise infrastructure is the core of deepcOS® that seamlessly connects to the existing hospital infrastructure, enabling a myriad of possibilities.
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Discover the benefits of both DICOM-tag and AI-based orchestration to ensure imaging studies are always processed by the right AI solution.
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Cloud Native Deployment Platform
Explore how the cloud deployment of AI solutions optimizes for scalability, flexibility and security.
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AI Marketplace
Realize the opportunities for accessing more than 35 commercial Radiology AI solutions from over 20 Vendors via one installation.
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Clinical Integrations
Explore how our state-of-the-art API integrations enable a truly AI-enhanced radiology workflow, where AI outputs are embedded within existing systems (e.g. PACS and RIS / EMR).
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AI Results Explorer
Enhance your workflow with a DICOM viewer that can be used for exploring AI results.
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AI Integrated Worklist
Add value to your worklist with additional features including embedded clinical findings, priority flagging of urgent studies and live AI Processing updates.
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AI Evaluator
Evaluate the performance of multiple AI solutions from different vendors via one centralized platform, before you decide on a solution to integrate.
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