The AI-integrated worklist for an enhanced radiology workflow

For customers that use HIT systems without a deepc worklist integration, the deepcOS® worklist can be used to consolidate the outputs of AI solutions from a variety of vendors, bringing the value of radiology AI into one interface.  

Delivering time-sensitive AI results when and where it counts.
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Prioritization and Triage of urgent studies

Deliver timely care to critical patients with AI-based prioritization, where urgent studies detected by AI are pushed to the top of the worklist. Each institution has complete control over which findings are considered urgent.

Urgency Flagging

Urgent cases detected by AI are automatically moved to the top of the worklist

Preview AI Findings

Prioritize the department workload more efficiently with AI findings already embedded within the worklist.

Real-time notifications

Never miss an urgent case and increase communication transparency.
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Upload Datasets for Research or AI Evaluation Purposes

The deepcOS® worklist can also be used as the home for uploaded datasets from your department. This data can then be processed by AI solutions for engine comparison.
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Track AI Processing

Monitor the AI processing status to know when studies are ready for review.

Monitor AI Performance

Easily see the status of the AI performance after analysis by a radiologist

AI Engine Transparency

Automatically see assigned AI engines that have processed on a given study.

Explore the AI Portfolio

Learn about more than 50 certified AI solutions from over 30 globally leading AI vendors, covering a wide variety of medical specialties.

All available for integration via deepcOS®.
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