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Become a partner
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We bridge the gap of AI adoption and solve the challenges of radiological institutions, for better and faster diagnostics, and higher patient safety. At deepc we curate and adopt the leading CE-marked AI solutions for diagnostic imaging. Using our AI platform, we deeply integrate your Software as a Medical Device-Solution into clinical workflows.

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Together with you as a strong partner at eye level, we offer this cutting-edge leading vendor ecosystem. Discover and challenge our target customer focus. We understand and tailor offerings and sales activities to target groups. With our wide network in Europe, we enable short-term market access and GDPR-compliance.

Prashant Warier
CEO of

“We see solutions playing an integral role in enhancing radiology workflows and are excited to be partnering with deepc who share the same vision”

Dr. Andreas Lemke
CEO, Mediaire

"We see deepcOS as a groundbreaking platform for AI solutions such as our Neuro MRI quantification. Due to the high security standard, this can be interesting even for those radiological centers that currently still favor on-premise solutions.”

Market access - At scale

Actively driving AI adoption - Matching your products to customer needs
Leveraging synergies beyond individual applications - enhancing your value propositions in combined offerings
Vendor-neutral: laser-focused on bringing AI value to customers, no conflict with other business lines

Streamlining the process -
Integrate once, deploy everywhere

Cloud services compliant with GDPR and cybersecurity requirements
Legal entity in Germany facilitating market access
Streamlining contractual, regulatory and administrative processes
Single source for integration, training, service, and support

Tailored to clinical value

Clinical use case and AI application consulting
Trusted partnerships to tailor offers to the market

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