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The Radiology AI Platform

How do we streamline the use of AI in radiology?

Find out at the booth AI-21, ECR 2022

On our AI platform “deepcOS”, we integrate and host a myriad of curated and proven AI applications from our globally leading AI partners for streaming radiology workflows. With only a single installation in the radiology IT infrastructure, institutions can now easily access, install, and deeply integrate regulatory-cleared AI algorithms already covering more than 30 indication fields.

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Join our onsite partner seminars at booth AI-21

Wed, July 13, 14-14:30

mediaire: Boosting Neuro MRI with the AI-based toolkit mdbrain

b-rayz: The AI platform for breast diagnostics

Xvision: From hype to real-world use-cases – how AI can aid radiologists

Thu, July 14, 14-14:40

ImageBiospy Lab: Unlocking value based osteoporosis care – AI based vertebral fracture screening enabling better patient workflows Beyond narrow AI solutions – why a comprehensive approach to AI is crucial

Cerebriu: Acquiring the right data for the right patient at the right time

Neo-Q: Deep integration of AI into guided reporting

Fri, July 15, 14-14:40

Gleamer: Improving fracture detection in pediatric X-rays – a multi-reader study

contextflow: Deep learning for quantitative profiling of lung CTs

Lucida Medical: Integration of AI to enhance the efficiency, accuracy and clinical impact of reporting of MRI in prostate cancer diagnosis

Radiobotics: Unlocking clinical value through MSK imaging AI

Sat, July 16, 14-14:30

Aidence: From screening to routine practice – Using AI for early lung cancer detection

Lunit: The use of AI for mammography and chest X-ray to shape the patient's Pathway

AZmed: How to build an international AI solution taking into account local specificities

Sun, July 17, 14-14:20 Radiology AI impacting healthcare delivery – our experience in UK

Milvue: AI and emergency X-ray – a safety net to improve your workflow

Our AIX Theatre Speaking Slots

Wed, July 13, 13:35-13:41

CTO Anna Tidstam, Ph.D., EMBA

"Continuous Learning in Radiology AI"

Thu, July 14, 13-13:20

CEO Dr. Franz Pfister, MD, MBA

"Effectively Translating AI into Clinical Value"