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April 26-28, 2022 I Berlin

The Radiology AI Platform

How do we streamline the use of AI in radiology?

Find out at the “Bayern Innovativ” stand at DMEA Connecting Digital Health 2022

Radiology AI is a crucial part of Digital Health transformation. At deepc we support the future of radiology with our novel AI Platform deepcOS.

On deepcOS you will find a myriad of curated and proven AI applications from our globally leading AI partners for streaming radiology workflows. With one single installation in the radiology IT infrastructure, medical institutions can now easily access, install, and deeply integrate regulatory-cleared AI algorithms already covering more than 30 indication fields.

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deepc Events @RSNA 2021

Sun 28, 3:00pm

At the AI Showcase Theatre

The use of AI provides new opportunities for medical practice and radiology diagnostics. Research studies over the past years have suggested a tremendous potential AI can unlock for future workflows.

Now, the scientific focus shifts towards the demonstration of real-world clinical value and ways how to increase trust in AI solutions. We shed light on industry-leading use cases and real-world examples during our RSNA speaking session.

Mon 29, 2:00 - 2:30 pm

At the AI Showcase, Booth 5142

Albane Grandjean, Head of Marketing and Clinical Affairs, GLEAMER
Topic: Reducing Missed Fractures in Trauma X-Rays

Peter Chang, MD, Assistant Professor, UC Irvine, Co-Founder and CMO,
Topic: Deep Learning for AI Enabled Stroke Triage

Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Huppertz, CEO, Neo Q
Topic: Deep Integration of AI into Guided Reporting

Tue 30, 2:00 - 2:30 pm

At the AI Showcase, Booth 5142

Philip Meier, CCO, ImageBiopsy Lab
Topic: The Value of AI in MSK Radiology

Tracy Finlayson, Sales Manager UK & Ireland, Lunit
Topic: Lunit INSIGHT - Increasing AI Quality in CXR and MMG

Dr. Jens Opalka, Head of Medical Affairs, Marketing & Business Development, mediaire
Topic: Boosting Neuro-MRI with the AI-based Toolkit mdbrain

Wed 1, 2:00 - 2:30 pm

At the AI Showcase, Booth 5142

Chiranjiv Singh, CCO,
Topic: From Algorithms to Solutions

Cathal White, Business Development Manager, Radiobotics
Topic: Transforming MSK X-ray Using AI in a Healthcare System